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Banana draped with duct tape sells for $150,000 at Florida art show

The first edition was displayed during Art Basel Miami Beach.
Credit: AP Images

MIAMI BEACH, Fla — Editors note: The above image is not the $150,000 piece of art. It is a generic image of a banana and duct tape. Scroll down to see the actual image in the Instagram post below.

Fine art is far more valuable that the sum of its materials, but in this case:

  • Banana from a Miami supermarket -- $0.69
  • Small strip of ordinary duct tape – $0.01?

Anyway, an eclectic piece of art – a banana duct-taped to a gallery wall – went on sale at Art Basel Miami Beach for $120,000, according to the Miami Herald.

It sold.

So did the second edition.

Then the third – for $150,000.

The piece is titled ‘Comedian’, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

As for what represents – what it symbolizes – what it embodies…

The artist, Maurizio Cattelan, told ArtNet – “The banana is supposed to be a banana.”

He says it’s the end result of a year’s work, and previous versions were made with bronze and resin.

This is not the first time Cattelan’s creations have attracted a lot of attention.

Fox News reports he’s the artist behind ‘America’ – an 18-karat gold toilet the Guggenheim offered the White House after President Trump took office.

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