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Study: 4-day workweek benefits both employees and companies

Employees overall reported being healthier, less stressed and more productive.

TAMPA, Fla. — Changing up the traditional "workweek." A new study shows shortening it could have real benefits for both employees and the company they work for.

This was actually a pilot program that included more than 30 companies and over a thousand employees. For six months, employees were switched to a four-day workweek. It was such a successful experiment that none of the companies went back to the traditional five-day week after it was over. And employees overall reported being healthier, less stressed and more productive.  

"People who are in control of their own time feel more valued." Bob Ryan is a licensed mental health counselor in Pinellas County. He says he wasn't surprised by the study.


"Part of what happens when you work only a four-day work week is you have a day of the week to make those doctor's appointments, get your car into the shop," he said.

Ryan says many people simply aren't getting the rest they need in a traditional workweek. "Let's face it, we really only have one day off if we have two days because one day we have to do all of our chores."

An overwhelming number of employees who participated in the pilot program say it would take 10-50% more money to make them go back to a five-day workweek. Ryan adds that it's not always about money. 

"Numerous studies have shown that employees are more motivated when they feel respected than by being offered more money."

It's also important to note that in the 6 months of the pilot program, the participating companies saw an overall revenue growth of 8%. 

So the counselor says if this is something you think would benefit you, it's worth asking your supervisor if they would consider it. However, you should be prepared to explain how this will not only be better for you, but for the company. 

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