PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — Sadly, his story is far from unique. He risked his life for our country, and now he’s spending his life on the streets.

But one homeless veteran’s desperate situation got even worse – when he was robbed. He’s partially blind. He was hungry. And he needed help.

He has family – a sister – but she's is dying from cancer, so he refused to become a burden on her.

That’s where two Florida deputies come in.

According to a Facebook post from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Deputies Perez and Wensyel came across the veteran and simply couldn’t turn a blind eye.

They bought him a warm meal. But, they weren’t finished.

The deputies found him a hotel to stay in and paid for the room out of their own pockets.

Still, their good deed wasn’t done.

Perez and Wensyel sat with the veteran and listened to his stories of bravery, service, sacrifice – and of life’s twists and turns that left him in such a difficult situation.

The sheriff’s office says the veteran was grateful. But the deputies say they were the lucky ones.

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