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'He's magical': 3-year-old adopted by forever family during gala event

Caregivers were worried it might take a while for Beckett to find his forever family, but thanks to Leah and Meg that was far from the case.

TAMPA, Fla. — Leah and Meg Matlock have spent almost two years caring for 15 kids as foster parents. 

But, on Thursday night, the couple became a forever family with 3-year-old Beckett when they adopted him at the 2022 Heart Gallery's Be Mine Gala. It was a celebration they're sure to never forget.

"He's — I mean he's magical. You know, he's magnetic. He draws in everybody towards him. He's always happy," Leah said. "Everybody probably thinks their kid's perfect, but he is perfect. I couldn't tell you anything that I don't like about him and, you know, everyone that meets him falls in love with him."

Beckett is said to have some medical complications after having suffered a stroke in utero. Caregivers were worried it might take a while for him to find his forever family; but thanks to Leah and Meg, that was far from the case.

The couple is said to have been motivated to adopt due to their understanding that so many children need and deserve love, stability and a forever home. 

"As a family, they love exploring, being outdoors and doing fun things together. They enjoy taking the kids to theme parks, the zoo, and the aquarium," an event organizer told 10 Tampa Bay.

The Be Mine Gala is an annual event that looks to "celebrates the joy of families found and the hope of those yet to come." All proceeds from the gala, which is supported by sponsors, benefit foster children in Tampa who are waiting to be adopted.

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