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Tampa dads talk parenting during the pandemic

"There is no manual for it."

TAMPA, Fla. — A group of fathers gathered to discuss parenting in the midst of a pandemic as they prepare for Father’s Day.

10 Tampa Bay met with the guys at A Touch of Perfection Barbershop in Tampa. COVID-19 left a lasting impact on Nathan Williams.

“I had a two-week period where I lost six family members,” Williams said. “As a believer, we always say we walk by faith. Even taking the vaccine. It’s like: how did this come out so quickly? Taking it, or not taking it, is an act of faith.”

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Craig Watson said he has adjusted routines to align with his family’s needs.

“I was there doing second-grade math,” Watson sid. “I compartmentalize a lot. So, if I have 20 things going on, I start on one and work my way back. you just have to be what your family needs at the time.”

Father’s Day means even more to Ruben Rivera, as he has reunited with his family. He spent 16 years behind bars.

“I just came home three years ago,” Rivera said. “It’s been, for me, as a dad, when I was young, I didn’t know how to be a dad. I base it all on faith. I base it all on the rock. I stand today on a different platform. That’s what changed me. That’s what changed my thought process. That’s what changed my walk.”

Williams said, “There is no manual for it. Ya know, my 14-year-old, he was our training grounds. During this pandemic, he and I, we actually grew closer.”

“He was the most informed person in the house. He was the one encouraging us to wear our masks.”

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