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Tips for making it through 'Dry January'

One life coach explains that it may be hard to tackle without a strategy.

RIVERVIEW, Fla. — For many of us, the time from Thanksgiving to the New Year brings a little overindulgence.  More parties, more desserts, more drinks. 

That's okay for a month, but not ok if those things start to become a habit or vice.  That's why some people are taking a break with 'Dry January.'

Bill Guyer loves stopping at one Riverview pub to have a few beers with his girlfriend several times a week, but they probably won't see him at least a month.

"I'm kind of getting out of shape and I'm turning 50 soon, which is in April so we decided to go ahead and just do the dry January and possibly extend it all the way out to April which is my birthday," he said.

Life and recovery coach Adam Jablin says it doesn't have to be just alcohol, but any vice you have. 

"Let go of this vice for 30-31 days. Let it go and see what your relationship with it really is, so you can continue living your life the way you want and not it controlling you," Jablin said.

Some habits can be hard to break, but Bill has a strategy. "I think the biggest thing is setting a schedule as well having someone to do it with. I'm going to be working with my girlfriend Stacey.  We're going to work out together as often as we can and kind of motivate each other and push each other."  

Jablin says that's the key to being successful. "You can't just take things out of your life, you have to fill them up with new, wonderful healthy things," the life coach explained.

He adds that it's good to set goals for what you want to achieve when the month is up. 

"I'm a big believer in going old school. Get a pen and a pad and just lay it out and do your best."

An Bill knows exactly what his goal is. 

"I can't say I want to be in the best shape of my life, because I'll be 50, but I want to be in really, really, really good shape. Good enough shape that I can be confident enough to take my shirt off at the beach or something like that," he said.

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