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Thousands of Disney workers could automatically get entered in Florida's unemployment system

Gov. Ron DeSantis said officials are talking about having Disney send the data to the state, which could be entered into the system.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Walt Disney World workers "wouldn't get any special place in line" but are being considered to be automatically enrolled in the state's troubled unemployment system when they are furloughed, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said.

About 43,000 workers are set to join thousands more who will be furloughed on April 19 after Disney shut down its parks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

DeSantis during a news conference Tuesday said "it probably would be better for everyone" if the state and a large employer who has announced a massive round of furloughs could work together.

In Disney's case, it's possible the company could send employee information to Florida's Department of Economic Opportunity to process unemployment applications.

"We basically said OK, this system's getting crushed, so we know this is coming. So is there a way we can get a hold of it? Maybe get the data directly from the employer and then go ahead and put it through," DeSantis said. "We can put it through at like 3 in the morning and stuff when there's not other people doing it.

"I think it would make sense. ... Now, they wouldn't get any special place in line, like whoever's applied is going to go through that way."

DeSantis did not definitely say whether the state actually will move ahead with such a plan and whether affected employees could benefit.

During his briefing, the governor said the state is trying to improve the neglected unemployment system, but it remains hampered by the number of people trying to process applications at once.

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