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Port Tampa Bay is getting a $12.6M grant: Here's how it will be used

Supporting Port Tampa Bay is important in untangling supply chains and lowering costs for families, Rep. Castor said.

TAMPA, Fla. — U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor on Thursday announced a $12.6 million grant to help fuel what she called "the economic engine that keeps everything running" — Port Tampa Bay.

The federal infrastructure grant will support the port's operations at the newly expanded Big Bend Channel.

As Port Tampa Bay President and CEO Paul Anderson explained at a news conference, the funding will be used to create another berth at the city's satellite facility, Port Redwing. This new docking area will allow a third ship to be worked on concurrently, making the port more efficient at serving large vessels.

"This project will have a generational impact on our community and our citizens in terms of economic development and good paying jobs," Anderson said.

Castor explained that Port Tampa Bay is more important to our everyday lives than people may realize, which is why this funding is so significant.

“People that shop, live here, go to school, are building new homes probably don’t realize that it’s Port Tampa Bay and all of the cargo and trade that happens here that is making sure...that our economy keeps moving along," she said.

"And we really need help to lower costs for families and help with untangling supply chains and that’s what Port Tampa Bay does as the largest and most diverse port in the state of Florida."

This grant is part of the $1T bipartisan infrastructure bill that President Biden signed into law last year, the congresswoman explained. The goal of that law is to deliver jobs, clean water, high-speed internet and a clean energy future.

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