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Many unemployed Floridians unable to prove they're looking for work

Glitches in the system are preventing claimants from completing the "work search" required in order to claim weeks.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Unemployed Floridians are now required to prove they are looking for jobs, but glitches are keeping many from submitting the necessary information to receive benefits.

When claiming any weeks after May 29, unemployed Floridians are required to submit proof they applied to at least five jobs per week.

“It’s just so frustrating,” said a claimant who would like to stay anonymous, fearing her claim would be affected. “I’m getting kicked out repeatedly.”

Just when claimants think they are successfully proving they’re looking for work, many either get kicked off the page or are missing the necessary buttons to complete the process.

“By the time you log back in, you find all of that information is gone,” the claimant said.

Unemployment expert Vanessa Brito has been inundated with messages from struggling claimants, fearful they won’t receive their benefits on time.

“It’s not the same for every claimant,” Brito said.

Some are simply being kicked out of their accounts time and time again.

Others are missing buttons necessary to complete their work searches.

If you fall into this category, click "add" on the next screen.

Credit: DEO
Credit: DEO

If "add" doesn't show, do the following before you click submit to claim your weeks:

Click "modify answers" 

Credit: DEO

Enter your work search details

Then click "submit"

If you’re still having issues submitting your work search after these steps, you can report your problem on a form Brito is continually submitting to DEO.

“Almost every claimant on our group, who follows me on my social media platforms is having trouble with the work search,” Brito said.

The department said it’s aware of work search submission issues.

“DEO is aware that some claimants are experiencing challenges with entering their required work searches when requesting their weekly benefit Reemployment Assistance payments in CONNECT,” DEO said in a statement. “DEO is working diligently to address these issues for claimants and apologizes for any inconveniences this has caused. DEO encourages claimants to enter their required work searches if prompted in CONNECT.”

DEO did not state how this will affect claimants.

“I’m worried for claimants, and I’m worried and I’m worried DEO hasn’t said anything about if this is going to affect them if at all,” Brito said.

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