"Guilty of murder." It was those words the Clearwater cold case investigators have been waiting seven years to hear.

Only 10News WTSP was in the courtroom Friday night as a jury found Rebecca Felton guilty of killing her husband in 2008.

She claimed at the time someone shot Larry Felton four times in their home, she'd been working out in the garage, heard a noise, yet didn't go to check on him.

Police found the murder weapon in her car, and matching bullets in the home, but it took six years until police finally arrested her.

Investigators say they had to rule out all alternate killers the defense could argue did it.

Now, detectives say with analysis of Fenton's 911 call, a confession to her boyfriend along with the evidence, it proved to be enough for jurors to convict her.

"There are really no winners, Larry Fenton's family lost him, the jury found her guilty of murder really no one won," said Detective Mike Hasty.

"Very worth the wait because they caught the right person it wasn't speculation it wasn't speculation if it was they would've done something free for five years ago they waited I guess until the exact right moment when they get you like that a nail you to the cross it's time to pay the price," said Bernard Vault, a neighbor.

The judge gave Fenton the mandatory sentence: life in prison - without the possibility of parole.