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'We need justice': Tampa Family asks for answers after 13-year-old shot, killed

Ty'Quan Johnson died from his injuries on Thanksgiving.

TAMPA, Fla — A family is demanding answers after their loved one was taken unexpectedly. 

"I don't know what to think, I'm numb," Clarareather Johnson said. 

Her son, 13-year-old Ty'Quan Johnson, was shot on Nov. 23 at E. 26th Avenue and N. 22nd Street. His family was just five minutes away from where he was, at his house, waiting for him to come home, but he never made it.

"I seen some of my partner's kids get hurt or killed, but I ain't never think it would happen to me," Antwan Johnson Sr. said.

The family is now paralyzed by sadness, unable to process why their second oldest isn't here. Ty'Quan was shot while riding scooters with his cousins. He was rushed to Tampa General Hospital in critical condition for wounds to his leg and head. He died two days later on Thanksgiving. 

"I couldn't do Thanksgiving. I'll never celebrate Thanksgiving again. Ever again," Clarareather said.

Johnson says she feels like she failed her son. Hours prior to the shooting, she called the police to report someone suspicious in the neighborhood.

"I seen a car outside and I noticed it was somebody I was having problems with. I went down to Precinct 3 to report it," Clarareather said. 

It's still too early to say if there's a connection, but as police investigate, Johnson's parents grieve.

"I have to bury my son. I really have to bury my son. It's not fair. They didn't even give him a chance. I don't know if he was ever going to have kids," Clarareather said. 

While she thinks of what her son's life could've been, she just has one question for whoever pulled the trigger.

"I definitely want to know why. I feel like I deserve an answer. I need justice for my son. This is a son that don't deserve this at all," Clarareather said. 

Ty'Quan's wake is this Friday, Dec. 3. His parents tell us his funeral will be held the following day on Saturday. Tampa police are still investigating this shooting. If you know anything, give them a call.