TAMPA BAY, Florida - Yesterday, 10News showed you video from the worst accidents at intersections in Tampa. Today, we’re looking for solutions.

From national think tanks to federal agencies, there are a number of suggested improvements that local communities can consider to improve intersection, as well as pedestrian and cyclist, safety.

But many of the improvements come at the expense of traffic speed or typical conveniences. They include:

  • Engineering fixes, including roundabouts, medians, and narrower/curvier roads to slow down - or "calm" traffic;
  • Fewer opportunities to turn left, reducing risk of angled crashes;
  • Lighting & signage improvements at dangerous intersections;
  • Banning cell phone use among drivers;
  • New educational programs to require drivers - and pedestrians - to pay more attention to crosswalks.

"Whatever you can do to address speed and bring the speed down, just a little bit, can make a life or death difference," said Beth Alden, Executive Director of the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). "You know, if you design your road like an interstate, people are going to drive on it like its an interstate.”

10News Road Warrior Hilary Zalla said crosswalk education and improvements are key to preventing deaths, adding that 82% of pedestrian fatalities in St. Petersburg this year came outside crosswalks.

"We need to be educating and enforcing people to be using crosswalks," Zalla said. "The second you step outside the crosswalk, your chances of getting hit increase immensely.”

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