Congratulations to 10Investigates’ Noah Pransky and the Tampa Bay Times. Their collaboration on ‘Zombie Campaigns’ was named a finalist for the prestigious Data Journalism Award.

Zombie Campaigns examined a loophole allowing former U.S. lawmakers and federal candidates to spend campaign money, even though their political careers are over. One lawmaker was even spending after his death!

In some cases exposed by 10Investigates and the Tampa Bay Times, more than 100 former Congressmembers were spending old campaign donations on things like political activism, travel, expensive meals, posh social memberships, tickets to sporting events, paying salaries to family members, and subsidizing their lobbying careers.

The FEC has agreed to review its rules following the 10Investigates/Times investigation and is currently soliciting public comment on whether the loophole should be addressed.

You can add your comments to the FEC here.

The Data Journalism Awards honors data-driven investigations worldwide.