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Jupiter will be so close in June you can use binoculars to see its moons

Stargazers are in for a treat this month!
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
A computer generated image of Jupiter

You won't need a fancy telescope to get some great views this month of the solar system's largest planet. 

Jupiter will be its biggest and brightest throughout June and will be visible to the naked eye, rising at dusk and remaining visible all night, according to NASA

NASA explains in its skywatching tips for June that with just binoculars, or a small telescope, you should be able to spot several of its moons. 

You may even catch a glimpse of the banded clouds that circle the planet or its iconic great red spot. 

And Jupiter will be at opposition on June 10, meaning the earth will be lined up between Jupiter and the sun.  

But if you'd like an even closer look, NASA's Juno spacecraft has been circling Jupiter since 2016 sending back some pretty remarkable images. 

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