PALM HARBOR, Fla. -- The March in D.C. was massive, and Tampa and St. Pete brought out some big numbers. But, there were also smaller rallies all around the Bay area.

Organizers hosted a roadside rally in Palm Harbor, where a group of 50-60 people raised their arms in support of those fighting for change with gun laws.

At rallies like this, you'll meet all kinds of people from many different walks of life, such as Kevin Cantero. He’s a veteran from New York and now lives in the area. He said after leaving the military, he hasn’t touched a firearm since. He had a similar message to the Never Again movement, pushing for gun control and getting weapons out of the hands of bad people.

Reporter: Why are you smiling?

Cantero: Oh, because it brings back memories. I marched on Washington with my mom back in the 60s. She took me, I was a kid, twice. Civil rights marches … they say you'll never get all the guns off the streets. Maybe not, but one less. Every one we get off the street makes a difference.

While there were a lot of rallies, not everyone is speaking the same message about gun control.

Lots of people were against all of the rallies for gun control and it led to some minor confrontations. There was one at the Palm Harbor event as one woman drove out of a shopping plaza.

Woman: 11 kids a day die of texting and driving. Let me know when that rally is, all right?

Cantero: If you really love weapons, join the military, it's volunteer.

Woman: I love the Constitution. I love the Constitution.

There was also a photo of a man showing up to a march in the Austin area with an assault rifle.

Police told the reporter who snapped the photo that the man was legally carrying.

So, not everyone was on board, but a big statement was made by the Never Again movement.

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