TAMPA, Fla. — One small act can turn into a whole lot of good. Especially when you have the heart and determination of Noah Villa-Wright.

“Well, I have a favorite blanket at home. And one night I just thought about the homeless and how they stay warm," explained the 8-year-old. Noah had noticed that temperatures were dropping in Florida over the past couple of weeks. 

Concerned for his neighbors, he set a goal of buying 10 blankets to distribute. He personally bought the blankets, and once he passed his goal, he knew he didn't want to stop there.

It was after his mom posted about his hope on Facebook when things took off.

“The response has been truly incredible. We’ve raised over $800 we have about 120 blankets," said Brittany Villa, Noah's mom.

Noah and his family have been distributing blankets since Friday. As the blankets are handed out, the young man is thanked most often with a smile, a handshake and sometimes a word of encouragement.

“I feel like I am really making a difference in their lives, and hopefully they will use this for a long time," Noah said.

Well past his goal of 10 blankets, Noah has no intention of slowing down.

“Now when I am using my blanket, I try to think about the people I’ve helped and what they are doing at this moment with it," Noah said. "And then I think about the people that I could give blankets to, and what they are doing."

The family continues to keep buying blankets as more donations come in. Currently, the family is accepting donations through Venmo at the account Amberwright0803@gmail.com 

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