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Tampa lacrosse team supporting Type 1 Diabetes research makes it to world championship tournament

The highly competitive event brings in 25 teams from all over the world.

TAMPA, Fla. — A Tampa couple's baby nearly died from diabetic ketoacidosis five years ago. Today, Owen Eriksen is healthy, wears an insulin pump and eats a tightly balanced diet. His parents are determined to help find a cure for juvenile diabetes in Owen's lifetime.

Owen’s mom and dad created Owen’s Heroes. It’s a charity that raises money and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. They sponsor a boys' lacrosse team that competes for trophies and the diabetic cause. 

“It’s a combination of our families two passions,” said Owen’s mom Ashley.

Teens from different schools come together to play on the team. “They have really taken it to heart and we have actually challenged each of the kids on the team to raise $300 in their own creative way to give back to the charity,” said Owen’s dad Scot. 

The group is not only playing for a good cause, but they are also a skilled group of young athletes. They will be competing in the Lacrosse World Series Championship this summer.

“I have coached a lot of teams over the years and it's very different seeing them all the sudden realize they are playing a game they love but there’s also something more to it,” said head coach Scott Watts.

The competition is taking place at the end of June in North Carolina.

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