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Artist uses paintings to connect the community as Don CeSar celebrates 95 years

In honor of the famed hotel's 95th anniversary, a local artist tells their story with a series of paintings.
The Don CeSar is pictured on Aug. 15, 2017.

ST. PETE BEACH, Fla. — Beyond the Gatsby-themed outfits and the fanfare in celebration of Don CeSar’s 95th anniversary are a series of paintings. They are canvases that mixed media artist Bianca Burrows spent hours working on for the occasion.  

“I've been interviewing some staff that has been there for over 40 years,” Burrow said.  “I've been going through the archives of all their old history, making photocopies, doing research and throughout that research, I came up with a series of six paintings, and the theme of these six paintings is 'If these Walls Could Talk.' It's basically telling the story from when the Don originated, until modern day."

Burrow tells a story with each painting. From her custom bottles to canvases, she paints in houses, businesses, walls and more. 

“There's a bunch of different elements to mixed media. I use everything from spray paint to stencils,” Burrow explained.

To each person, art means something different. Burrows hopes she can spread that to a wider audience.

In one of her posts, she held up a sign calling for more murals in downtown Tampa. 

“Art is just a huge advocate of culture and making the city beautiful. I do think downtown needs some more art,” Burrows said.

She says murals can brighten up dark places and draw people to take pictures and have the power to bring a community. Her work at the Don is an arm of that community reach.

“The Don has been such a big influence for so many people's love stories. So, when I'm creating that piece, I have that in mind.”

While she has yet to be commissioned for a mural in downtown Tampa, she’s hoping with time that will change.

Being the featured artist at the Don CeSar is a good start. Built in 1928, the pink palace is a historic icon and tourist draw for the Tampa Bay area. 

If you’ve gone there, you’ve likely taken a picture in front of it. 

Now Bianca’s paintings are on display for new visitors to see. 

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