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What Florida laws go into effect July 1, 2020?

From teacher pay to bear hunting and elder abuse to student-athletes, here are all the laws going into place July 1 in Florida.


Although we might be in the middle of a pandemic that's not stopping Florida politicians from passing a lot of new laws. 

Here are the law's going into effect July 1. Several laws that have passed are still waiting for Governor DeSantis' signature.

 HB 43- Jordan's Law

  • Signed by Governor DeSantis
  • Lowers the number of cases a welfare worker can have at a time. That way each child can get more attention. It also lets caseworkers and law enforcement share data. 

 HB 641- Teacher Pay

  • Signed by Governor DeSantis
  • Sets aside $400 million for educators. Full time teachers will now start out making $47,500 a year.

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 HB 7067- School Choice

  • Signed by Governor DeSantis
  • Lets more people apply for state scholarships like the Family Empowerment Program and the Florida Tax Credit Program.

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 CS/HB 7011- Student Athletes

  • Signed by Governor DeSantis
  • High Schools now to need monitor student athletes' heat stress and make sure an AED is at all games.

 CS/HB 327- Illegal Taking, Possession and Sale of Bears

  • Signed by Governor DeSantis
  • It's now a first-degree misdemeanor to kill a bear out of season.

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 SB 1084- Emotional Support Animals

  • Signed by Governor DeSantis
  • Property owners can now ask you for written proof of an emotional support animals certification.

HB 1213- Holocaust Education

  • Signed by Governor DeSantis
  • There is now a set standard for what kids learn about the Holocaust in schools.

CS/HB 199 - Donna's Law

  • Signed by Governor DeSantis
  • There is no time limitation for prosecuting sexual battery when the victim is younger than 18 years of age at the time of the offense, and the offense was committed on or after July 1, 2020.

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 SB 400- Elder Abuse Fatality Review Teams

  • Signed by Governor DeSantis
  • There will now be teams to investigate deadly elder abuse cases.
  • 10 Investigates found what a legal expert described as a loophole in Florida law. And, that loophole may have put your loved ones at risk. Now, it's being closed.

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CS/CS/HB 1259- Incarcerated Pregnant Women

  • Signed by Governor DeSantis

CS/CS/HB 971- Electric Bikes

  • Signed by Governor DeSantis

CS/HB 177- Drug Repository Program

  • Signed by Governor DeSantis

SB 172- Florida Drug and Cosmetic Act

  • Awaiting Governor's signature

CS/CS/SB 70- Public School Alert Systems

  • Awaiting Governor's signature

CS/CS/CS/SB 664- E-Verify

  • Awaiting Governor's signature

CS/CS/SB 404- Parental Consent

  • Awaiting Governor's signature

CS/HB 659- Drones

  • Awaiting Governor's signature