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Florida man plants banana tree in pothole to protest road conditions

The man who planted the tree said he grew tired of filling the potholes with cement.

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Well, that's one way to get someone's attention.

Potholes are nothing out of the ordinary for many drivers. Anyone who's had to ride down a roadway riddled with them knows the pain of failing to avoid them.

But, what is a little peculiar is having a banana tree planted inside one of them.

That's what one person in Southwest Florida decided to do in order to prove a point: The potholes were so deep he could plant a tree in them.

WBBH reports the man, Bryan Raymond, owner of Progress and Pride Fitness Group, admitted he planted the tree into Honda Drive in Fort Myers after growing tired of constantly filling the pothole with cement. 

The only issue? According to WINK, the roadway is a private street. That means Lee County, where the road resides, is not responsible for its maintenance. It's up to the private owners. 

So, until a solution is created, it looks like the tree is staying. 

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