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Tips on keeping lovebugs from wreaking havoc on your car this season

Florida has no love for lovebug season.

Editor's note: The video in the player above is from a 2019 interview.

They're back, they're mating and they're about to be all over the place.

Yes, it's once again lovebug season.

The insects are notorious for blanketing the state of Florida twice a year: May and September. And the tandem bugs aren't afraid of getting all up in your business and all over your car. 

So, to help you make it through the bi-annual emergence of lovebugs, here are some helpful tips and tricks. 

Number 1: Act fast. You can get a car wash, put an extra layer of wax on as a protective layer, use a wet dryer sheet to swab off the bugs or a wet paper towel and soap. 

“Don’t leave love bugs splattered on your car for more than one day,” Mister Car Wash on Gandy Boulevard manager Jeff Fickies previously told 10 Tampa Bay. “Because they are acidic and will slowly destroy your coat and paint.”

Number 2: Avoid oily options like baby oil, degreaser and cooking spray. They won't help get rid of the lovebugs and instead will streak your car.

"I would personally use a soft sponge and water,” Fickies added.

Number 3: As annoying as love bugs are, remember that they are good for Mother Nature and recycling decaying matter into organic matter. So, be nice.

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