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Almost everyone knows the experience of getting a cavity every now and then, or they know what it's like to have your dentist scold you for your lax flossing habits. But for patients with multiple oral health complications and a long history of poor dental health, small fixes often aren't enough to fix chronic decay, gum disease, missing teeth, and other debilitating dental conditions.

To the patient, severe cases of poor oral health often seem hopeless. But these cases can often be addressed by giving patients a complete mouth restoration. This restorative process utilizes dental implants and the expertise of experienced professionals to reduce the risk of infection, stop the progression of tooth loss and restore gum health, among other results. If you or a loved one needs intensive dental services to restore oral health, remember that many benefits come with this procedure. Here are four ways an oral restoration will change your life.

You can eat whatever you want

People with severe periodontal disease and other oral health problems struggle with many parts of life that are routine for healthy individuals. They may suffer from tooth loss or sensitive, bleeding gums that make it difficult to eat certain foods. An extended period of mismanaged oral health can lead to missing and ground-down teeth, clicking jaws, and headaches caused by pain and discomfort in the mouth. Addressing your oral health problems by undergoing a complete mouth restoration can address and eliminate the effects of gum disease and tooth loss, alleviating conditions that are detrimental to your health, mood and diet.

Thanks to a full mouth restoration, hard and/or chewy foods don't have to be feared. They can be enjoyed, worry-free.

Gum health is dramatically improved

An unhealthy mouth is filled with bacteria, acids and other contaminants that only serve to further erode your health. Left unchecked, this septic environment can create a downward spiral that continues to make your gum health worse and worse. A full mouth restoration is an opportunity to quickly turn this momentum around, improving your gum health and giving it a chance to flourish once again.

With healthy gums, the prospect of periodontal disease and gingivitis is completely eliminated. This will result in less bad bacteria making its way through your body, and the likelihood of significantly improved overall health.

New Teeth Now patient Ty was missing 13 teeth when he arrived to receive his full mouth restoration. After receiving his new set of implant-supported teeth, his health and confidence were revitalized. For the first time in years, he was able to enjoy the food he loves again.

"Ty had suffered from periodontal disease for most of his life," according to Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. David Kirkpatrick of New Teeth Now. "Many people would have looked at his condition and considered it unsalvageable, but with dental implants and New Teeth Now, Ty was able to change his life in only one day."

Lower your risk for several health conditions

It isn't just oral health that benefits from complete mouth restoration. Your gum and oral health is connected to health in other parts in your body, and restoring your mouth health can reduce your risk of other diseases, including cardiovascular disease, which is correlated with poor gum health. Mayo Clinic reports that inflammation caused by the bacteria generated from poor oral health could contribute to stroke and clogged arteries as well.

Doctors have also found that oral health can have an impact on the health of pregnant women, which is why women are encouraged to maintain their dental hygiene and regularly see the dentist during their pregnancy. By addressing your oral health, you could avoid much more serious medical conditions in the future.


Your confident smile will return

Discolored and missing teeth can have a profound psychological effect on a person. With dental implants and oral restoration procedures, anyone can enjoy the experience of have straight, white, healthy teeth.

Healthy teeth can improve a patient's confidence and self-esteem, and even make it easier for them to make a strong first impression or impress at a job interview. Your smile plays a critical role in how you socialize and interact with others, so the benefits of restoration aren't just cosmetic and health-related—they can also improve your relationships with other people.

"After his restoration, Ty informed us that his new dental implants and oral health completely changed his life," said Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon David Kirkpatrick of New Teeth Now. His full mouth restoration gave him confidence he hadn't had in decades, and even made his marriage stronger.

Poor oral health doesn't have to be a death sentence. Thanks to full mouth restoration procedures, you can address your dental health and transform your life. Think of it as an investment into your future, one filled with good health and plenty of smiles.

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