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Communication, bad blocks, penalties— Arians talks what went wrong against LA Rams

The Bucs lost its first regular season game since Nov. 29, 2020.

TAMPA, Fla — The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took a beating Sunday against the LA Rams. The defending Super Bowl Champs just couldn't get the ball rolling as the team came up short 34-24.

Part of the lack of offensive gain in Sunday's game can be contributed to sacks and the offense's run-pass balance. Tom Brady was sacked three times although he completed 41 of 55 passes for 432 yards and two touchdowns.

"Our runners have got to run better and our blockers have got to block better when we are running it," Arians said. "Do some more quick throws and get the ball out of our hands."

Arians said they're just not blocking well enough and not running well enough. He also said the defense is getting close, but not finishing the deal on their end. 

"We've got to do a better job of getting some man-to-man pressures and going in there and getting after the quarterback," Arians said. "And then also when we're playing zone, we've got to get home. The secondary and the front is just not right now meshing very well."

Sunday's loss spotlighted some deficiencies on defense. Arians said communication problems on defense are very concerning. The team had missed opportunities for sacks out of blitzes.

"It's just a thing we've got to iron out," Arians said. "When we're playing coverage, we're not rushing and when we're rushing we're not playing coverage."

Another issue the Bucs ran into was the large number of penalties the team picked up. Especially pre-snap penalties. 

Looking ahead to next week's highly anticipated game, Arians said for 98 percent of the team, it's just another game, but for two of them: Brady and Rob Gronkowski, it could mean a lot more.

"It's the biggest story nationally and that's all they'll hear about all week but that ain't got a damn thing to do with their job," Arians told reporters. "Just get yourself prepared to play and beat the Patriots and let all the hoopla take care of itself."