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More people are leaning towards driving electric car, AAA survey says

The survey claims people are interested in buying an electric car because they want to avoid spending money on high gas prices.
Credit: AAA
According to a AAA survey, most people plan to buy an electric car in the future.

TAMPA, Fla. — A national survey conducted by AAA says a quarter of their customers want to go electric when buying their next car, the Auto Club Group said in a news release.  

The main reason for that decision — high gas prices. 

“Consumers who are fed up with the wild price swings at the pump, may be more willing than ever to make the switch to an electric vehicle,” Mark Jenkins, spokesman for AAA, stated in the news release. “Record-high gas prices have brought the cost of owning an EV more in line with a standard gasoline-powered vehicle. Although it may cost more money up front, EVs cost less to charge, maintain, and are more efficient.”

Electric cars remain on the rise in the country, and in 2021, about 450,000 electric cars were sold, AAA says. 

Despite the quick growth in sales, electric cars only account for less than 1% of light vehicles in operation today, the news release said. 

AAA says there are still people who may not make the switch towards an electric car due to concerns regarding range, car price and availability of public charging options.

To learn more about the survey, click here. 


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