The travel industry is changing and influencers are leading the charge.

A recent study by social content marketing platform Stackla discovered that 70 percent of millennials view social posts or reviews from family and friends to be most impactful in travel decisions.

"It's one thing to go and look at a hotel or an idealized picture of a travel experience, (but) to be able to get the verification from people who are just like you is really phenomenal for consumers," says Dulani Porter of Spark Branding Agency in Tampa.

When you compare generations like millennials and Gen Z, baby boomers prioritized major purchases like homes and cars, whereas millennials tend to spend money on experiences, opting to explore a new country over a luxury vehicle.

“One in eight millennials actually makes their decision on where to travel based on how 'Instagrammable' that location is," says Porter.

Candy Waltrip and her sister Crystal created their own travel blog called Travel Pockets. The two joined forces to share their love of travel and fashion. Serving as a reliable resource with more than 20k followers, the sisters share authentic content on their blog, social media and Youtube page.

“We love what we do. We get so excited when someone comments or sends a message about a trip we took or to ask for travel tips," says Candy.

Research shows that more than anything, millennials want their travel experience to be unique to their style and interests. Knowing that, hotel brands are beginning to cater to millennials with more than just their standard complimentary wi-fi. 

Some hotel brands offer apps that allow guests to connect with other travelers in the area without having to leave their hotel room.

“Before I got into travel blogging, I relied on hotel sites or trip advisor for reviews about everything, they’re good, but I can share a lot more in a blog post, I can answer your questions from experience and that’s special for me and readers," says Crystal.

Change is swift, the time is now, prepare to see more brands recognize the viability of influencer marketing and the importance of resonating with young, travel-hungry millennials.

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