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Hurricane season gas tips: How to deal with long lines, fuel shortages and generators

To ease gas pains later, be prepared for shortages during a big storm.
Credit: 10News Staff
Gas prices were long after Hurricane Irma.

During Hurricane Season when a storm hits, we all know gas is one of the first things to go.

There’s nothing worse than feeling trapped, but that can be the case if you can’t get to a gas station or you can’t get enough gas to evacuate.

Most experts say you can survive off half a tank, which will give you roughly 200 miles. But we say it may be best to keep your car with a full tank of gas from June through November.

AAA says weathering a storm always comes down to how well you’re prepared.

“It really comes down to planning, having a plan in place for your family if you’re going to get out before the storm, you want to leave early,” said Mark Jenkins. AAA spokesman. "If you’re going to stay, make sure you have supplies to last you about a week."

Keeping extra gallons of gas is a good idea. Make sure it’s in a safe storage that way you’ll be able to top off your car when everyone else is running for the gas station during the storm. Keep a little bit of gas for any power equipment you may need after the storm like a chainsaw.

Once the storm passes, make sure you use up all of that gas because it will only last for about three months. Once that’s gone, fill up your car once again to get ready for the next storm -- if there is one.

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