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Watch this! Hundreds of stingrays swim near Captiva Island

Hundreds of stingrays suddenly appeared at the beach Thursday, leaving beachgoers in awe.
Credit: Yolo Watersports
A fever of stingrays break out at Captiva Island on Thursday, May 13, 2021.

A day at the beach is always exciting, but Thursday was a day that beachgoers are unlikely to ever forget. 

It was one stingray after another, after another. They just kept coming. The video below from Yolo Watersports in Captiva, Florida, shows the stingrays swimming through by the hundreds, if not the thousands.

According to National Geographic, many stingrays like to live by themselves and only come together for breeding and migration. These large groups can reach up to 10,000 individuals and are known as a “fever“.

MyIndianShores.com says that May through October is their mating season and that’s when you’re more likely to see them near the beach. Savvy beachgoers will do the Stingray Shuffle! It’s not a dance. It’s to keep from getting a potentially painful sting from the rays. By shuffling your feet during these months, you give the stingrays a chance to glide out of your way; and you help to avoid the chances of sustaining a painful sting.

Stingrays are closely-related to sharks, with bodies made of cartilage. They aren't typically aggressive.

They camouflage well in the water and sandy sea floor, allowing them to surprise their food and also keep them hidden from predators like sharks.

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