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2021 Tampa Bay Election Results

Tampa Bay area municipal election results will be posted here on Nov. 2, 2021. General elections the 10 Tampa Bay team is monitoring include the St. Petersburg mayoral election, St. Pete city council races, the race for Lakeland mayor, Manatee County's school board referendum and the Bradenton Beach mayoral election. Those election results, and many more, will be continually updated throughout the night.

Florida statutes allow mail-in ballots to be opened and processed weeks before election day, although the results are not released until after the polls close. For instance, Pinellas County's canvassing board will begin tabulating ballots somewhere around 21 days prior to the election. Those ballots then continue being processed as they arrive, all the way through Election Day. Thus, the first results displayed on election night are partial mail ballot results. In other words, you'll likely see a burst of results available online before all the remaining results trickle in.

Only a handful of Bay area counties have general elections in November 2021. Hillsborough County, for example, does not. That leaves the local race with the most impact, in terms of population, to the St. Pete mayoral election between Ken Welch and Robert Blackmon. Check back for results after polls close at 7 p.m. on Nov. 2.

Results updated every 2 minutes or less (some races may update less frequently).