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Tipping during the holidays: How much should you give?

Who do you tip and how much do you tip?

TAMPA, Fla. — It's the season of giving! In addition to giving presents to friends and family, many also add gifts in the form of tips to people who work to make their lives a little easier throughout the year.

It's always a debate: Who do you tip and how much do you tip?

A recent survey says many people plan to tip a little extra this year because of the struggles of the ongoing pandemic. 

Among the providers people often tip around this time of year include mail carriers, trash and recycling collectors, childcare providers, teachers, landscapers and housekeepers.

They also tip service providers like restaurant staff, baristas, hair stylists or barbers, food delivery people and bartenders.

Most people surveyed said they plan to tip between $20 and $50 and tip their restaurant waitstaff, hairdressers and baristas on an increased percentage of the total bill.

Since many are in a tougher spot financially because of the pandemic, tipping extra may not be possible. 

"It’s very common where when you’re in a financial pinch that you want to do something for somebody and you can’t necessarily afford to do, people understand that. What doesn’t cost money is to say thank you, to write a handwritten note, you don’t need a five-dollar card and you don’t need to have a tip on the card. Just write a handwritten note thanking that person and telling them what their role in your life means to you and that is priceless," said Celine Pastore, a retirement and financial advisor.

Pastore says if you do have a little extra in your budget to tip this year, a great way to say under budget is to make a plan. 

"Identify the amount that you can afford and then go ahead and take a ride to the bank and then actually get cash dollars and allocate how much you’re going to give to each person," she suggested.