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An hour of activity a day can help your kid do better in the classroom

60 minutes of exercise a day is proven to help kids in so many ways.

TAMPA, Fla. — Let's face it, it's been a rough couple of school years for kids. 

For many students, grades have taken a hit. But now that we are getting more comfortable with the new normal, we can start helping our kids get back on track. 

There is one simple thing you can do that's proven to help your kids do better in class — get active!

"We know there's cardiovascular benefits. There's body composition benefits. There's also strength benefits as well as overall fitness," pediatric cardiologist Dr. Lanier Jackson said.

But what you may not know, says Dr. Jackson, is how beneficial regular exercise is for a child's brain. "From a mental health perspective, we know there are benefits. We know when kids exercise, they have improved feelings of self-worth, life satisfaction and it actually improves cognitive function as well."

Meaning, a regularly active child should do better in class and on schoolwork. "So it's important to think about that when you're thinking about the learning plan for a kid that exercise needs to be a component of that."

The American Heart Association recommends that kids get 60 minutes of exercise per day. It doesn't have to be all at once, but it's important that you try to fit that in, even doing it with your kids, to make the whole family a little healthier. 

Here's a link to the American Heart Association's NFL Play 60 program with some ideas to get you and your family started and active.

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