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Gift wrapping tips and tricks that are good for the environment, too

Creative ways to wrap presents that won't hurt the environment.

TAMPA, Fla. — Every holiday season, it's estimated that each household in the U.S. will throw away 25% more trash than usual. Much of it is that shiny wrapping paper and ribbons that can't be recycled. But there are better, eco-friendly ways to wrap your gifts.

The keyword for all of this is re-use. Never throw away gift bags that you've received if they're in good shape — they can always be reused. Just store them with your Christmas stuff after the holidays. 

Consider wrapping your gift, with a gift. A cute, holiday dish towel is a great way to wrap up a small gift and most of us can always use cute dish towels. 

Keep those brown paper bags and packing material! Both can be cut to size for a rustic look and can be topped with a pretty ornament or old Christmas card. Or have kids color on it to really personalize it. 

Candle jars can also be used as another creative way to present a gift. They can easily be cleaned out. It's great for small gifts like candy or cookies.  The jar itself, with the lid, can be used for all kinds of things. 

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