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Ft. Myers Publix employee helps 3-year-old get birthday cake after Hurricane Ian hits

Not only did the toddler get a buttercream vanilla cake for her birthday, but the cake itself was also decked out with a tiara and wand.
Credit: Caroline Keefe Rollins on Facebook

FORT MYERS, Fla. — As Ft. Myers recovers from the devastation brought on by Hurricane Ian, a Publix bakery employee went above and beyond to make a girl's third birthday special.

Caroline Rollins, who lives in Ft. Myers, went to the Sky Walk location of Publix Friday to try to buy a birthday cake for her daughter, Anna.

Rollins wasn't able to get a cake due to the store's lack of shipments and supplies, something she acknowledged wasn't likely to happen because of the storm. After thanking those working at the bakery, she continued shopping.

But about five minutes later, someone tapped her shoulder.

"Hey, I just went back and looked in the freezer and we do actually have a cake," the employee, Natasha, told Rollins.

Not only did Anna get a buttercream vanilla cake for her birthday, but the cake itself was also decked out with a tiara and wand, thanks to Natasha's help.

"[Natasha] asked, 'What is she into?' And I said, 'Anything pink princess. She's my 100% girly girl,'" Rollins told 10 Tampa Bay.

It's an understatement to say the cake put a smile on Anna's face. Rollins shared a video of Natasha unveiling it to the girl's excitement.

"You can't teach little kids how to react," Rollins said. "She authentically was so excited and Natasha opened that cake up and she got this little happy tap with her feet."

Rollins said that she wants to make sure Natasha knows the value she brings to the community, especially in wake of the destruction that Ian brought to Ft. Myers. So, Rollins took to Facebook to share the story Sunday afternoon, which has since seen hundreds of reactions, comments and shares.

Rollins stopped by the store Monday to see if Natasha was working, but it was her off day. That said, the store's management is aware of her good deeds.

"The manager knew right away about the story," Rollins said. "She had seen it, she had sent it to her boss. I'm honestly so excited for [Natasha] to see the positive feedback."

Rollins said she hopes to stop by the Publix store every week to connect with Natasha since it's close to where the family lives.

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