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'Home Alone' Lego set to hit the market just in time for the holiday season

The new set will go on sale for $250 starting Nov. 1.
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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Do you remember the house the young Kevin McCallister wreaked havoc in after his family accidentally left him "Home Alone" while they went on a trip for the holidays?

Well, now it's your chance to build a replica – just in a smaller size!

Lego is creating a gigantic new set which is based on the McCallister house in the hit holiday movie "Home Alone."

According to the Lego website, the set has close to 4,000 pieces and is for people 18 and older.

Lego lovers will be able to recreate and set up popular scenes from the movie ranging from Kevin vs. the Wet Bandits, bathroom mirror screaming time and Kevin ziplining to his backyard treehouse.

The new set will go on sale for $250 starting Nov. 1, just in time for the holiday season.

The creator of the new Lego set, Alex Storozhuk, says in an interview with Lego he grew up watching the movie and can't imagine holidays without it.

"This movie is very nostalgic and makes those warm childhood memories to come up every time," he said in the interview.

"Last Christmas, we were watching it and had our Winter Village on display, I clearly remember the moment I asked myself - 'why is there no LEGO Home Alone set?' I thought that it would be a great collaboration and complementarity of brands and I just couldn’t let it go!"

Storozhuk explained he found the McCallister's house layout on the internet. He used the online layout along with the movie itself to figure out how to fit "[the] huge mansion on a baseplate."

Once Nov. 1 rolls around, people can buy the "Home Alone" Lego set on the Lego website.

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