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Nonpartisan ‘UNO’ removes all red and blue cards to avoid politics

Mattel released a ‘nonpartisan’ version of the iconic game – to keep the peace.
Credit: Mattel, Inc.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — When you think of potential triggers for family drama over the holidays – a friendly card game probably doesn’t make your top ten.

‘UNO’ has helped generations of people pass the time while the turkey turns golden-brown (at least before the dawn of the device age, anyway), but Mattel seems to think the classic version of its timeless card game may be just a bit too political.

UNO is going ‘nonpartisan.’

Basically, it’s all about Republican red, Democrat blue – and a tongue-in-cheek response to the state of current American politics.

‘UNO Nonpartisan’ elects orange and purple cards to replace those two incumbent colors, and introduces a ‘VETO’ card – just in case a not-so-woke uncle or an easily-triggered cousin tries to turn family time into a conversational cage match. Even the package itself appears to be a proverbial olive branch. It’s purple – a peaceful mix of red and blue.

BUT, this version is a limited-edition, so we'll be back to politics as usual before you know it.

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