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Helping your child prepare for the changes this upcoming school year

With all the changes to this school year, you and your child may feel overwhelmed. Here are some things to try and make it easier.

TAMPA, Fla. — All the rules and changes to schools this year may be overwhelming for your child. And yes, they're overwhelming for you too.

You have a lot of decisions to make right now and they can be frustrating.

We talked to a child psychiatrist that told us: start with yourself. 

"Is this the conversation that I want to have with my child who is going to overhear it or make them feel a little bit more unsteady a little more unsettled about all the changes that are happening down the pike? Or is this a conversation that I keep to myself or that i have with the other adult person in my life where we can collaborate and figure out how to proceed," says Dr. Larry D. Mitnaul.

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He also said, don't be afraid to ask what your child knows about coronavirus, or about going back to school and what changes they will face. 

Talk to them about how greet and love their friends. There will be more air high fives and elbow shakes this year. 

Get back into a routine. Bedtime, nutrition, physical activity and less screen time. That will help them have a foundation and structure to cut down on any stress. 

Look for signs or patterns they're feeling anxious, frustrated or uncomfortable. Things like headaches or tears, or they're quiet when you're talking about school or getting ready for school. 

Click here for more tips and resources. 

Dr. Mitnaul also has a YouTube page with helpful information.  

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