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Wanna welcome thousands to Tampa? Here's how to become the voice of TPA

Last year was the first year for the voice of TPA contest, but there were far fewer passengers and participants.

TAMPA, Fla. — How cool would it be if thousands, perhaps even close to a million people could hear your voice welcoming them to Tampa? It could happen!

Tampa International Airport is holding a raffle, and the winner gets to be the voice of TPA for the month of July.

Every day, thousands upon thousands of travelers hear words of welcome or welcome home from Tampa Mayor Jane Castor, currently providing the region’s ambassador voice aboard the airport's people mover trams.

But with five bucks — and a little luck — that could be your voice replacing the mayor’s message on the overhead speakers for an entire month.

The airport is running a raffle to vet its vocalist and the $5 per entry all goes to a good cause — United Way Suncoast — and the 70 different non-profits the organization supports in our region.

“Every dollar counts. Every five dollars entered to win to be the voice of TPA is truly making a difference in our community,” said Chief Advancement Officer Kari Goetz. “Those who were hit hardest by the pandemic have not come close to recovering and unfortunately a lot of the situation, the external situation of inflation and rent has caused even more challenges for those families. 

"And if you can give five dollars and have the opportunity to do something really amazing with Tampa International Airport it’s a win-win for everybody.”

TPA isn’t messing around, either. If you win the contest, you get to come to the airport and record the welcome message inside their professional audio booth. There will be a script — and you have to be 18 or over.  

“Some people may want to impress their friends or family. Some people may want to be social media influencers and think it’s going to make them famous,” said TPA Spokesperson Beau Zimmer. “And some people genuinely want to be that ambassador for the Tampa Bay area and welcome people.”

The contest runs through the end of May. The winner’s name will be drawn at random and posted on social media.

The airport came up with the idea for its voice of TPA contest when another popular fundraiser, the 5K on the runway run, had to be canceled for two years in a row because of COVID-19.

Last year was the first year for the voice of TPA contest, but there were far fewer passengers and participants.

If you want to enter the raffle, visit www.VoiceofTPA.com.

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