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Trump speaks to young conservatives at Student Action Summit in Tampa

The former president did not announce another run for the White House.

TAMPA, Fla. — A standing ovation by students greeted former President Donald Trump's visit to Tampa.

Trump spoke in front of young conservatives for Turning Point USA's annual Student Action Summit.

"You are the frontlines of a momentous struggle that will determine the future of America. Together, we are fighting to reclaim our republic from a failed and political establishment," Trump said. 

High-profile conservative speakers, including Donald Trump Jr., motivated attendees to head to the polls and help elect more Republicans into office during this fall's midterm elections. 

Trump mentioned President Joe Biden on several issues including his handling of the U.S. southern border, withdrawal from Afghanistan, COVID-19 policies and the overall state of the economy in the country.

U.S. consumer prices soared 9.1% compared with a year earlier, the biggest yearly increase since 1981.

The former president also touched on culture war topics that put Florida politics in the national spotlight, including so-called "woke ideologies" that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has criticized.

"Across the United States, we need to implement strict prohibitions on teaching inappropriate racial, sexual and political material to America's children in any form," Trump said.

In July, DeSantis' Parental Rights in Education law, known as "Don't Say Gay" by critics, and "Stop Woke Act" took effect. 

Like DeSantis, Trump also condemned NCAA transgender swimmer Lia Thomas' gold-medal win. Sarasota native Emma Weyant came in second. 

Demonstrators outside of the event marched to the arena to protest the summit's conservative agenda. A group of protesters also appeared during the Moms For Liberty national summit held in Downtown Tampa last week. 

Flags with Nazi symbols were spotted outside the Tampa Convention Center. The Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg condemned its presence.

"This isn't about politics or religion. It's about humanity. The Florida Holocaust Museum calls upon everyone to condemn this blatant antisemitism in the strongest possible terms. This should matter to everyone," museum chairman Mike Igel stated in an email to 10 Tampa Bay.

Summit attendees said they are hoping to see Trump's name on the ballot during the 2024 presidential election as they occasionally chanted "four more years." 

Others throughout the convention have also expressed an interest in seeing DeSantis run for president. 

While Trump did not make a formal announcement on a run for election, he promised attendees Democrats would be voted out of office.

"The radical left is the past. Our movement, 'Make America Great Again, America First' is the future," the former president said. 

The Democratic National Committee is set to hold an event in Tampa on Monday. 

President Joe Biden was set to speak but will no longer do so as he recovers from COVID-19.


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