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'You have to face antisemitism': Nazi's son, now living in Florida, has a warning for America

Some of the men who carried out orders from Adolf Hitler found a refuge to retire in the Florida sun.

Dave Wagner

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Published: 4:50 PM EST November 14, 2022
Updated: 11:41 AM EST November 16, 2022

From her home in St. Petersburg, 97-year-old Mary Wygodski is outspoken about the rise in neo-Nazism across Florida.

“The hate is now growing all over,” Wygodski said.

Content warning: Some of the imagery in this story may be disturbing to viewers.

While her life is now filled with children and grandchildren, there was a time when she had no family. During World War II, Wygodski’s entire family was rounded up by Nazis in Vilnius, Lithuania, and sent to die.

“I lost everybody. I lost my father, brother, two little sisters and my mother,” Wygodski said.

She vividly recalls the men who rounded up her family and the faces of those Nazis who became her neighbors in the Tampa Bay area. 

“I knew all those people you showed me on the film," Wygodski said. “Now none of them is alive.”

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