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1st Tampa Bay Buccaneers, now LA Rams win the Super Bowl at home stadium

The Bucs made history...and one year later, the Rams are making history again.

LOS ANGELES — Not many can say they won a Super Bowl in their home stadium. In fact, up until now, only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers held the title.

That's right, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the first in the NFL to win a Super Bowl at their home stadium in last year's Super Bowl LV. And now that the Los Angeles Rams have wrapped up a Championship season, the Rams can claim the title too.

Los Angeles pulled a fourth quarter comeback in Super Bowl LVI to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals, 23-20, to win it in SoFi Stadium. 

Prior to Super Bowl LVI, the Los Angeles Rams played against the Pittsburgh Steelers in their own market but not home stadium, CBS Sports reports. The Rams played the Steelers at the Rose Bowl in Super Bowl XIV, but the Steelers stole the fourth quarter and won 31-19.

The San Francisco 49ers played at Stanford Stadium in Super Bowl XIX, but that wasn't their home stadium either. The 49ers home games were held at Candlestick Park back then.

This type of event doesn't happen often, let alone coming out with a win.

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