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What to make of Kyle Trask's first Bucs appearance at rookie minicamp

A social media post of an interception thrown by the Buccaneers' second-round draft pick garnered a wide array of reactions.

TAMPA, Fla. — As rookie minicamp got underway, there was a post that began circulating regarding an interception that second-round pick Kyle Trask threw.

For many, it was their own personal justification that Trask wasn’t worth the selection and the Buccaneers should have gone a different way. For others, it showed the natural growing pains of a rookie signal-caller learning a new offense and making a simple mistake.

No games were won or lost. No playoff berths were negated. It was simply justification of preconceived notions.

For Trask, it was important to see how he responded and he did so by earning the praise of his coaches. Head coach Bruce Arians pointed out how quickly Trask took to the offense and how well he processed all the information thrown at him on day one. For Trask, he simply spoke about how the coaches were easing them into the playbook.

Those are two very different accounts as to what transpired on the first day.

For the head coach to come out and flatly state that they threw a lot at these rookies and for a player to say it was “a little at a time” shows the mental fortitude of a player like Trask. He has the ability to take in, recall, and process a lot of information in a short period of time which is a vital characteristic you want to see in a quarterback at this level.

He wasn’t overwhelmed, he wasn’t a deer in headlights− he was simply a quarterback learning a new system as quickly and efficiently as he can.

There’s a chance Trask may not be the future starter for the Buccaneers. But, the jury is still out on that, and they haven’t even begun the selection process to rule on it.

He’s just a kid with some incredible skills, some deficiencies that need to be worked on and developed, and he has a massive chip on his shoulder to prove he belongs in this league.

We all know at this point that Trask was a backup in high school, then a backup at Florida, and is now serving as a backup in the NFL. He overcame that obstacle twice before and is striving to do so once again− that is, as soon as Tom Brady allows someone else to take over. Like Brady, Trask has a lot to prove to himself and all those who doubt him by making the job of a starting quarterback in the NFL just another hurdle he clears in his journey.

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And for those that want to criticize him for an interception in his first practice, they must have forgotten that everyone - even Brady - throws the occasional pick. Better to do it in practice than on Sundays, right?

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