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Your Florida ID on an iPhone: Still not ready for launch

Arizona recently became the first state to allow residents to have a copy of their ID on their phones.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Since Arizona became the first state to accept digital driver's licenses, Florida's version still isn't quite ready for primetime.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles confirmed the state continues to test its Florida Smart ID with various partners, including the general public, retailers, law enforcement and others. It was just last fall that its app was announced as part of a pilot program.

At launch, it's expected the digital driver's licenses will be available for Apple and Android devices, including the Wallet app on iPhones.

"Our goal is to improve and optimize Florida Smart ID and an associated verifier application prior [to] official launch," FDHSMV spokesperson Aaron Keller said in an email.

Digital IDs are advertised as an easy way to securely verify someone's identity without having them fumble around and present a physical card. Apple says when someone sets up their digital license or state ID on an iPhone, they will be asked to take a selfie and scan the front and back of their card. This information would be sent to the issuing state for confirmation.

Credit: Apple
Step one of the process of adding an Arizona ID to the Apple Wallet app.

The Transportation Security Administration now is accepting digital IDs for travel at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Apple says the next few states set to launch digital IDs in its Wallet app include Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio and the territory of Puerto Rico.

"We look forward to working with many more states and the TSA to bring IDs in Wallet to users across the US," Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet, said in a statement.

When digital IDs launch in Florida, the state says people still will need to carry their physical card with them according to law.

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