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A curious crocodile wandered right into a Florida boat

Crocodiles usually are considered a shy species, but this one somehow wandered into a boat.

MIAMI — Surprise, there's a crocodile in your boat!

A Miami-based Sea Tow crew came across the toothy reptile in one of its boats stationed at Black Point Park and Marina's fuel dock.

The crocodile was spotted rummaging about the boat before climbing out. 

"What up, croc?!"

"He didn't like the boat, he got off!"

Perhaps the croc's cue to get out was when a trapper came around: Run! FWC's here!"

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, American crocodiles are "shy and reclusive." They live in brackish or saltwater but sometimes will swim into freshwater areas because of South Florida's canal system.

Even though a croc might make a lot of noise and splash the water, don't be alarmed: The FWC said they're probably more afraid of you and want to quickly get away.

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