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Jennifer Kesse vanished without a trace nearly 14 years ago. Her parents search for her every day.

Jennifer Kesse's parents continue to search for their missing daughter.

It’s been almost 14 years since Joyce and Drew Kesse last saw their daughter Jennifer.   

The 24-year-old was living in Orlando, Florida, when she disappeared on Jan. 24, 2006. And every day, the Kesses wake up and continue their search. 

“Every single second of every single day to us is frantic because we need to find her,” Drew said. “And it’s that urgent 13 years and nine months later as it was the day after. It’s that urgent to us.”

That urgency has overshadowed the Kesses' lives ever since that day in 2006 when they got a call that Jennifer had not shown up for work. 

They raced from their home in Tampa and went straight to her condo. They found evidence that she had been there that morning and was getting ready for work. Clothes were laid out on the bed, and there was a wet towel. But there was no sign of Jennifer.

In the days to come, police would find her car and even video of someone parking her car before walking away. To this day, that video is one of the most frustrating aspects of the case. The person’s face is obscured in every frame,  and police have been unable to identify that person.  

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10News reporter Beau Zimmer started at the station not long before Jennifer disappeared. He has been following the case for his entire career at the station. 

“When I hear Jennifer’s mom talk about her daughter, I feel like I get to know Jennifer a little more each time. Her face, her picture, her story needs to be out there,” Zimmer said. “The details of what happened may jog someone’s memory and at some point maybe somebody comes forward with some type of information.” 

This week on VAULT Studios’ podcast True Crime Chronicles, we hear from Drew and Joyce Kesse about the ongoing search for their daughter and the frustration that has not subsided more than a decade later.

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