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More than half of Tampa's 2022 homicides remain unsolved: Investigators say silence keeps the killers free

"You’re so close to making an arrest on it, but you just need that witness...to come forward," TPD Sgt. Mike Lippold said.

Emerald Morrow

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Published: 2:50 PM EDT June 1, 2023
Updated: 7:09 PM EDT June 1, 2023

In 2022, there were 46 homicides in the city of Tampa. More than half are unsolved. Police say their biggest hurdle is getting witnesses to cooperate. 

But fear of retaliation and the “no snitching” code often keeps people silent. State funding for programs to protect witnesses no longer exists. Grieving families are left to suffer when detectives can’t close cases.

We cover these crimes when they occur, but there's a story about what happens after the camera stops.

As the nation prepares to mark gun violence awareness day on June 2, 10 Tampa Bay and our TEGNA sister stations across the country are investigating shootings from this week last year — and showing the impact these crimes still have today.

In Tampa, there were three shootings that resulted in two deaths. Getting anyone in the community to talk was a challenge. Police say it’s why most homicides in the city remain unsolved.

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