ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A day into year two of Florida’s SunPass saga, customers continue to deal with the fallout from Florida’s toll system meltdown. 10News continues to get messages via email and social media from people who say the state still hasn’t fixed their situation.

On Friday, Day 366 of the saga, Vicki Bryant reached out to 10News on our website.

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“I was shocked when the agent told me that I have 24 outstanding toll violations dating back from December 2018 to April of 2019,” said Bryant.

“I can prove that I paid them,” she said. “The frustrating part is not knowing where the funds are, and then hoping that someone can help me get reconciled on the back end. And that’s why I was so frustrated, and I reached out to you guys.”

Bryant says she was charged by SunPass for more than 20 tolls on the Central Florida Expressway between December 2018 and April 2019, but CFX officials told her they have no record of the payments.

“It’s awful to find out about something like this after the fact,” said Bryant. “Especially when you go through such effort to pay your tolls and pay your bills on time and even go to the extent of loading my credit cards so they can automatically deduct the tolls, and that still wasn’t happening.”

“I just felt like I was talking with someone who didn’t really know how to address the issue or problem, so I asked her how I need to dispute it because obviously I’ve paid them. I actually printed off three pages of toll invoices dating back to December,” she added. “I have all the statements to show that I paid, SunPass knows that I paid, I can’t trust it any longer.”

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