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More Florida agencies using unmarked sports cars to catch unsuspecting speeders

As instances of aggressive driving increase, local agencies say they need stealthier ways to catch extreme violators. Many are turning to unmarked muscle cars.

Josh Sidorowicz

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Published: 12:55 PM EST February 9, 2023
Updated: 7:39 PM EST February 9, 2023

One afternoon in late September as Officer David Garrett drove south on Interstate 275 toward downtown St. Petersburg, a driver in a black convertible BMW cut across two lanes of the highway.

Passing the 5th Avenue North exit, the driver changed lanes, tailgating the vehicle ahead of them, and then changed lanes, again.

“There he goes again, no signal,” Garrett can be heard saying as the audio on his dash camera engaged. He, too, changed lanes, speeding up to follow.

Approaching the I-375 interchange, the driver in the BMW continued to weave in and out of traffic, seemingly unaware a police officer was following, reaching speeds approaching 100 mph.

“I’m doing 95 pacing him,” the officer announced as he turned on his police lights and siren. The driver quickly pulled to the shoulder and stopped.

But what appeared to be a typical traffic stop from Garrett’s view was likely anything but from the BMW driver’s perspective.

That’s because Garrett was driving one of the newest additions in the St. Petersburg Police Department’s fleet: an unmarked Ford Mustang GT. 

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