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'A Frank Conversation' about climate change: What's happening to Florida?

10 Tampa Bay anchor Frank Wiley and meteorologist Grant Gilmore welcomed Florida's State Climatologist David Zierden for a conversation about climate change.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Weather is what you get. Climate is what you expect. What you expect, however, is beginning to change as climates around the world change as a result of global warming. 

10 Tampa Bay "Brightside" anchor Frank Wiley hosts a weekly podcast where he explores sometimes complicated topics surrounding race, religion, politics, income, and gender. In a recent episode of "A Frank Conversation," Wiley welcomed 10 Tampa Bay meteorologist Grant Gilmore and Florida's State Climatologist David Zierden to shed light on climate change and the impacts being felt and seen in Florida. 

The conversation began by immediately addressing the hesitancy to discuss climate change and the data that supports it. Zierden was quick to acknowledge the politicization of climate change and global warming. He said that one reason for the reluctance to accept the facts of our changing climate is because it may require a change in our daily lives and that people just don't like change. 

From there, the conversation explored different examples of how climate change is being realized. Topics discussed included examples from the agricultural industries, tropical and hurricane impacts, as well as examples of sea-level rise right here in Tampa Bay. 

The podcast is about 30 minutes long and contains a wide range of topics and information for anyone looking to be a little informed about Tampa Bay's climate and the impacts of climate change. 

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