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Florida reports highest new single-day COVID-19 numbers, more than any other state

The state also recorded the most test results with 142,981, with 11.25 percent of those being positive.

Florida on Sunday reported the number of positive coronavirus test results it received on July 11. The number? 15,300.

That is now the highest number of new COVID-19 cases reported by any state in a single day. The previous high was 12,274 in New York on April 4, the Miami Herald reported. New York has a population of 19.4 million and Florida has 21.4 million.

The state has yet to report a day in July where the number of newly-confirmed cases was fewer than 6,000.

The Florida Department of Health's newest data also showed 45 more Floridians had died.

A total of 4,242 Florida residents have died during the pandemic, the Florida Department of Health said. 104 non-resident deaths are also listed on the health department's report.

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Credit: 10 Tampa Bay

Since March, a total of 269,811 positive coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Florida. The state passed the 200,000 cases mark last weekend after hitting the 100,000 mark just two weeks ago.

"The data appears to be good," Dr. Jill Roberts of University of South Florida Public Health told 10 Tampa Bay. "It could mean that the situation is stabilizing, but we can't determine that with just one day of data. It could mean we have hit a plateau and cases could possibly go down next week. However, it's too early to tell if this is a real trend. We also haven't seen how the 4th of July will impact the state."

Florida has now had more confirmed cases than Germany and France, according to data from Johns Hopkins University & Medicine. Germany has 83.02 million residents, which is more than 3.86 times the population of Florida. France has nearly 67 million residents -- more than three times Florida's population.  

Saturday's report showed 142,981 test results were turned in on July 11, with 11.25 percent of those being positive. That number is now the highest for test results turned in. The previous record was set on July 9 with 95,348.

The median age of Florida residents testing positive is 38. The number of total hospitalizations in Florida is reported to be 7,446 with 1,034 here in the Tampa Bay area, according to the most recent information.

Credit: 10 Tampa Bay

Here's a breakdown of the new coronavirus cases reported to the state by day:

  • June 21: 2,926 
  • June 22: 3,286
  • June 23: 5,508
  • June 24: 5,004
  • June 25: 8,942
  • June 26: 9,585
  • June 27: 8,530
  • June 28: 5,266
  • June 29: 6,093
  • June 30: 6,563
  • July 1: 10,109
  • July 2: 9,488
  • July 3: 11,458 
  • July 4: 10,059
  • July 5: 6,336
  • July 6: 7,347
  • July 7: 9,989
  • July 8: 8,935
  • July 9: 11,433
  • July 10: 10,360
  • July 11: 15,300
Credit: 10 Tampa Bay

Why does the state's dashboard look different?

The state's dashboard for new COVID-19 cases looks a little different than ours, at least for daily new cases. That's because the state is only tracking Florida residents, not total cases in Florida, on its dashboard. It tracks the latter in its daily report.

And, the chart on the state's website is regularly revised to say a case happened on one day instead of another.

For consistency, we've been tracking the total number of cases reported each day. Those totals don't change, so it's the most consistent way to measure trends, even if the state moves data around on its dashboard.

Here's a direct link to the state's data to examine yourself.

Hospitalizations and ICU bed availability

Cases are climbing, but what about hospitalizations?

Tracking hospitalizations got easier on July 10 when the Agency for Health Care Administration began publishing a spreadsheet with the number of people currently checked-in for coronavirus-related complications in Florida. The data only includes people whose "primary diagnosis" was COVID-19.

As of 11:45 a.m. Sunday, 7,446 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 as their primary diagnosis statewide. That number is frequently updated, and you can click here for the most recent data, which is also broken down by county.

Since the pandemic began, the state confirms a total of 18,271 residents were hospitalized at some point during their illness.

The Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) also updates total hospital bed and ICU availability by county.

Click here for a break down of adult and pediatric ICU bed availability by county. You can also check ICU availability by hospital.

Hospitalizations around Tampa Bay and total staffed hospital bed capacity status:

**Data as of 11:45 a.m. on July 12


  • 19 COVID-19 hospitalizations
  • 98 of 317 total staffed hospital beds are available


  • 3 COVID-19 hospitalizations
  • 22 of 55 total staffed hospital beds are available


  • 0 COVID-19 hospitalizations
  • 3 of 25 total staffed hospital beds are available


  • 34 COVID-19 hospitalizations
  • 218 of 719 total staffed hospital beds are available


  • 37 COVID-19 hospitalizations
  • 68 of 269 total staffed hospital beds are available


  • 282 COVID-19 hospitalizations
  • 720 of 3,873 total staffed hospital beds are available


  • 84 COVID-19 hospitalizations
  • 162 of 806 total staffed hospital beds are available


  • 104 COVID-19 hospitalizations
  • 254 of 1,346 total staffed hospital beds are available


  • 193 COVID-19 hospitalizations
  • 519 of 2,944 total staffed hospital beds are available


  • 143 COVID-19 hospitalizations
  • 346 of 1,631 total staffed hospital beds are available


  • 135 COVID-19 hospitalizations
  • 279 of 1,265 total staffed hospital beds are available

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