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The Stanley Cup has a history of being damaged

The Lightning weren't the first team that left a few bumps and bruises on Lord Stanley.

TAMPA, Fla. — Players with the Tampa Bay Lightning may have partied a little too hard during Monday's Stanley Cup festivities as Lord Stanley took a tumble. 

The team said the cup suffered some damage and would need to be repaired before returning to Tampa Bay.

However, it's not the first time the Stanley Cup has been roughed up after being awarded to a team. According to the National Hockey League, there's a long history of the Cup suffering some bumps and bruises since it was first awarded in 1893.

Here are some of our favorites:

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1905: A player with the Ottawa Senators tried to drop-kick the Stanley Cup across the Rideau Canal. Because of the time of the year, the canal was frozen so the Cup was able to be retrieved, but it wasn't a smooth landing. 

1924: Before the Canadiens were known for losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2021, they actually won championships. One of those titles had players drive over to the home of team owner Leo Dandurand. On the way there, they got a flat tire. Logically, the Cup was used to help change their flat and accidentally left on the side of the road. Lucky enough, when the team came back for it, it was right where they left it.

1987: It wasn't the Edmonton Oilers' first Stanley Cup when Mark Messier took the title to one of his favorite clubs in Alberta, Canada. The team had just won their third Stanley Cup in four years so it's safe to say Messier was comfortable carrying Lord Stanley around. A little too comfortable, however, as Messier allowed fans to drink from the Cup. By the end of the night, the title was so damaged it was taken to a local body shop to be repaired. 

1991 & 1993: Does the Stanley Cup float? Well, that was the question two separate teams had in two separate years. And just like any good scientific experiment, several tests needed to be conducted. The Pittsburgh Penguins took a stab at finding out when they tossed the Cup into Mario Lemieux's pool. The results showed the cup does not float. However, they were inconclusive enough that the Montreal Canadiens (hello again!) tried their hand at finding out. Same experiment, this time in Patrick Roy's pool, and same result. 

This last one is not about damaging the cup, but it was too precious to not include.

2019: Ann Marie Vancil was not even an hour old when her parents, St. Louis Blues fans, decided to place her in the Stanley Cup. The 20-minute-old child was the youngest person ever to sit in the cup. 

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