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Erased: The fight to restore Tampa Bay area’s destroyed Black cemeteries

10 Investigates takes you through the three-year journey to find, uncover and restore these desecrated and erased cemeteries.

Emerald Morrow

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Published: 7:22 PM EST November 27, 2022
Updated: 9:35 PM EST December 3, 2022

For three years, archaeologists have been digging to shine a light on some of the Tampa Bay area’s darkest secrets. So far, they have found hundreds of graves from destroyed African American cemeteries buried under schools, apartments and business properties.

Vestiges of racial segregation, the destruction of these sacred spaces are reminders of a time laws and policies across the U.S. separated whites and Blacks in life and death.

As one site prepares to unveil a historical marker honoring the erased history, 10 Investigates takes a look at the discoveries archaeologists have made over the years that have captured the attention of the area and the nation — discoveries too important to ignore.

This report is a summation and compilation of three years of coverage. You'll find interviews and information from 2019 to today. 

A 30-minute special video report accompanies this piece. You can find a complete list of stories at wtsp.com/erased.

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